You have just arrived to one of the largest movie archives on the net. We have over 90 GIGABYTES of high quality movies available for all our members. And we're part of the DeluxePass Network! That holds more then 6800GB of quality movies in over 660 sites! All our movies are downloadable. That's right. You can save these movies to your computer so you can watch them anytime! You don't even have to be online.
What do we offer?
Over 6000 GB of videos - more than 6,000,000 MB
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When you join at Asianpornarchive.com, you also join at Deluxe Pass Network, that offers you access to 600+ sites with only one pass. Don't forget that you have access to the entire movies network of Deluxe Pass as long as you stay our member.


What is this site about?

  • Asianpornarchive.com is a high quality video site dedicated to the hottest Asian porn movies on the net! Our videos are 480x360 resolution and are playable full screen with sound (DVD Quality). You must have a Deluxe Pass to access our site and download our videos.

What is a Deluxe Pass?

  • Deluxe Pass is a network of high quality adult video sites in every category. Across the network there are over 6100GB of videos (about 9500 hours of play time) and over 600 adult video sites. With a Deluxe Pass, you get access to the entire network and can download all the videos.

How much can I download?

  • You can download all you want. There are NO overage charges and no limits. All we ask is to download only 1-2 files simultaneously in order to not bog down the servers.

Are the downloads fast?

  • We have hundreds of dedicated servers that deliver fast videos 365 days a year. Our support staff also ensure that issues are fixed immediately if they ever come up. Our cable users download between 100KB/s and 250KB/s. Our modem users download between 3KB/s to 6KB/s

Can I use a download manager?

  • By all means you ARE allowed to use a download manager. This means you can even download while you sleep and for you 56kers, you can resume broken downloads.

What do I need to play the videos?

  • We recommend using Windows Media Player, that comes with 99% of computers. You might also need a codec such as Xvid, which is free to download and install. That's it!

Will I ever get bored?

  • Well, we always update our site. We usually add another part to each of 3 active series. When a series is complete, we begin another one. We usually add about 3-6 full scenes each month. There are hundreds of other sites on the Deluxe Pass network, and most of them update weekly as well. You will have MORE content than you could ever download. We guarantee.

How is the quality of the videos?

  • Our videos are of utmost quality. All videos are 480x360 resolution and are playable full screen with sound just like DVDs! No more embarrassing runs to the video store. We also conveniently provide you with a link to download the whole scene in 1 piece. You can even burn all videos to CD/DVD and play them on your home TV.

OK, You've convinced me, is it safe & confidential?

  • Think of the value you are getting with Deluxe Pass. All transactions are safe and secure and your information is protected. Your privacy is our main concern. You will be billed as IBILL or PAYCOM. Never will you see porn on your bank statement!

Bah. I know how to find free videos on the Internet! Why pay?

  • Sure you can find 10second - 30 second clips that are shit quality and download at 10KB/s. You also have to search forever to find what you want. With Deluxe Pass everything you want and need is at your fingertips. You are paying for the speeds, organization, quality, reliability and full length videos. :)

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